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Walnut & Woods

Real Wood Engraved Easels with Beautiful Hand-Rubbed Finishes

Our real wood desk easels have beautiful, hand-rubbed finishes. Available in American Walnut and Red Elder, they are handcrafted and can be engraved to your specifications. Engrave a logo, quote or your name on your easel. The engraved letters do not need to be paint filled as lasering on wood creates dark lettering (like branding) in contrast to the woods.

View our real wood desk easels below!

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  • Engraved Red Alder Desk Easel in hand rubbed finish by Ultimate Name Plates
    Red Alder 8″
  • red alder wood engraved desk easel by ultimate name plates
    Red Alder 10″
  • engraved american walnut real wood desk easel 
    The Editor
  • real wood desk easel by ultimate name plates
    The Governor (Call for details)