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Downtown Stuart. A great place to visit.

I visited the old Stuart Feed store the other day.  It now houses the Stuart Heritage Museum. It’s a must see if you haven’t yet been there.

I remember going there with my dad when it was still the Stuart Feed store.  Dad would buy bird seed or chicken feed – something like that.  I remember on one such visit, while perusing all the incredibly old dusty stuff, back in the corner of the store, all covered in cobwebs, I discovered a grapefruit picker!  Wow, what a find!   Although my grapefruit tree died a few years ago, I still have the picker…hanging in the corner of the shed all covered in cobwebs.  I think that was the only thing I bought in that store.

Although I’ve been to the museum on several occasions over the years, this last visit I spent a couple of hours getting lost in the past.  The museum is packed full of memorabilia and old photos of what Stuart was like at the turn of the century, 19th that is, and into the early 20th.  Florida is such a cool place and Stuart is no exception.  The fishing, the pineapples, the Indians, the flowers, the mosquitos, the alligators, the snakes. Yikes!

Truthfully, having grown up in the Sunshine state I really don’t miss all of Old Florida.  What I do like is the present-day Stuart.  Downtown, the Lyric, the restaurants, the water, the sun, the people, the chocolate… add to that my friends, my church, my business, my customers.  This really is a great place to be.

See Historic Downtown Stuart’s brochure.