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Brass Name Plates

Personalized brass name plates add a touch of class to any item or situation. Brass plates can be used for identifying chests and trunks, works of art, framed photographs, awards and other memorabilia.  Brass name plates are also well suited for yacht interiors and are used for displaying the owner’s name, the boat’s name and a host of other uses. Personalized brass door plates are perfect for entry doors and are ideal for condominiums where most doors look alike. Brass door plates are commonly used in upscale office buildings, theaters and other public buildings.

Brass name plates are personalized by means of engraving.  There are basically two types of engraving. First is the method of engraving by using a diamond stylis to “etch” the letters. Once engraved the lettering is then oxidized to make it easier to read by turning the lettering dark. This type of engraving is most often used on small brass plates and is not suitable for exterior use.

The second method of engraving is done with a cutting tool that is motor driven, much like a router.  Once the lettering is “engraved” or cut out, the letters are filled with enamel paint. This type of engraving is used for door name plates, large brass plaques and other brass items that will be exposed to the elements. Polished solid brass is very attractive when engraved and the lettering is paint filled. A coating, sometimes multiple coatings, of clear lacquer is then applied to insure a long life outdoors or indoors.

Brass has traditionally been the ideal material for many engraving applications. Brass is unsurpassed for its beauty and function. Unfortunately, the cost of brass has sky-rocketed on the world market and many items are becoming expensive and hard to get. Still, personalized brass plates are well worth the expense.

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